Captains' Golf Day 2024

Dynasty has been sponsoring the Captains’ Golf Day for several years and they are always so delighted to be with us and share in the day.

111 people played on the day comprising 67 Members and guests and 44 visitors. As usual, Marie was there doing the rounds with her caramel vodka and tequila and she was joined this year by Barry.

Les Sweiden had sponsored the Captains’ trophy as well as the drinks on the prize table in memory of his close friend, Dave Kidd. All of which led to a total value of R16 000 in prizes.

It was so lovely to see the past captains of our club re-united, and whilst we still see some of them regularly Dave and Etienne are no longer with us and Ronnie doesn’t play golf any more – though he was willing and able to give it a go in the company of Duncan, Dennis and Mike Walk – the latter of whom remarked that he had never played in a 4 ball where the combined age was 2 years short of 300! Unfortunately, neither Barbara du Plessis or Michael and Jonathan were able to join us but Dave’s wife Val Kidd was able to come and play and catch up with a lot of friends.

The weather was glorious and with Peter the Greek playing whilst everyone ate the delicious bobotie and chocolate volcano pudding supplied by our wonderful kitchen, a great day was had by all.

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