Race to Pezula 2024 – Series 1

Race to Pezula 2024 – Series 1 The second season of R2P got off to a fantastic start. Stella Artois made sure that everyone was hydrated on the first tee and even the sea mist, which caused trouble on the back nine, didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits. Our chef, Noxolo, produced a dinner of a herb […]

Captains’ Golf Day 2024

Captains’ Golf Day 2024 Dynasty has been sponsoring the Captains’ Golf Day for several years and they are always so delighted to be with us and share in the day. 111 people played on the day comprising 67 Members and guests and 44 visitors. As usual, Marie was there doing the rounds with her caramel vodka […]

Member Guest 2024

Member Guest 2024

Member Guest 2024 The Pezula Member Guest tournament got off to a leisurely start with the opening of the on-line bidding group on WhatsApp. The members and guests were all a bit cagey with their bidding and obviously didn’t want to highlight the favourites too early! This all changed on Friday evening when the auctioneer, […]

Pezula Cup 2024

Pezula Cup 2024 Pezula Cup 2024 ⛳️ The Pezula cup, proudly sponsored by RE/MAX Coastal Knysna, got off to a brilliant start on Friday evening at the 17th tee with the “chip off”. The weather was glorious and Trevor provided some very interesting Irish champagne cocktails in an attempt to sabotage the South African team […]

Pezula Ladies @ Home 2024

Pezula Ladies @ Home Golf Day 2024 The Ladies @ Home “Royal weekend”, sponsored by Rair boutique, started on Saturday when 26 of them played against members and a touring group of soldiers from the UK. The day started with a fantastic champagne brunch or a full English breakfast followed by a closely contested betterball […]

Pezula Par 3 Course

Pezula officially has a par 3 course! It is with great pleasure and pride that we officially announce that our golf course has been rated as a par 3 course! This is a significant milestone for us and a testament to our commitment to providing an exceptional golfing experience. Our course now offers a specialised […]

Hollow Tining Fun!

Hollow Tining Fun! Friday Paddling Pool Challenge. The challenge to hit a golf ball into a paddling pool sited on the 13th fairway became slightly more difficult than anticipated when the original place chosen wasn’t flat enough and all the water started pouring out the side of the pool! The first flat area that could […]

ST PAddys

St Patricks at Pezula Every member who had ever been to Ireland, had Irish blood, supported the Irish rugby team or just liked green turned up in their St Patrick’s day outfits to celebrate this unique Irish occasion. There was plenty of Guinness and Jamesons on offer and Chantal and her team produced some tasty […]

Pezula Cup

Pezula Cup 2023! A fantastic weekend was had by all, with lots of team spirit, national anthems and great prizes! Congratulations to the winners, South Africa! Thank you to our sponsor Francois from REMAX