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Covering 254 hectares on the Knysna clifftops, the Pezula Championship Course has views of both the Knysna Lagoon and the Indian Ocean. Par for the course is 72. It is designed to include a full range of shots, making it a challenging, rewarding and complete golf experience for players of all levels. Signature holes have been earmarked as the 13th and 14th and the average round takes 4 hours 50 minutes, including a half-way break. Our brand new luxury golf carts with GPS and flyover demos of each hole top off the experience at Pezula. Golf course architects Ronald Fream and David Dale of GolfPlan USA have sculptured an incredibly diverse coastal terrain into a course that offers a total golfing experience for all players.

Total: 5 963 Metres, Par 72

Hole 1

Brains over brawn – This lay-up par 5 is stroke 1 mentally more than physically. Play three smart shots! It gets easier from here.

Hole 2

A little “feast or famine” – the only hole over water and it will tease you. Keep it left and dry and play a longer second shot.

Hole 3

The first of four great par 3’s. Your club selection is totally controlled by pin placement and wind. Factor both in before playing your shot. Take your three and run

Hole 4

A little forest will do nicely! Big drives are rewarding with short seconds – birdies will favour the brave! Remember, the little pot bunker is only 100m out – plenty of room short of it as well.

Hole 5

A real test! This long par 3 also has a huge landing area to accept the extra club. Good place for a picture. Great hole to birdie.

Hole 6

You’ve just come through ‘The Mayor’s Tunnel” and it’s easy to see why, with this view of Knysna. Refocus on golf – this par 4 requires a well-positioned tee shot. Only the strongest player should gamble here.

Hole 7

All golf – designed to be played from the top shelf, calculate your tee shot and then think about birdies and pars! Patience, there are plenty of “hero” holes ahead.

Hole 8

Stop! The hole is to the left – the lagoon is to the right and the mountain and the sunset. This par 4 requires accuracy over acceleration! Your approach to the right part of the green will send you away smiling.

Hole 9

The most exposed hole at Pezula Championship Course plays like a lion into the Easterly and like a lamb with the Westerly – eagle putts or egg on your face.

Hole 10

Real option golf – the safe drive to the top landing area also gives the best view for two (longer though). A tiger line will leave an uphill “flip” shot. Hold back your tears if your approach is on the wrong level.

Hole 11

Forget the pin and play to the middle of this intimidating par 3 green. You will score with the right club selection here – what bunker?

Hole 12

“Let the game begin!” Another par 4 with distance and then accuracy. The generous landing area will encourage the big drive required for a good approach to the green 46m deep.

Hole 13

Did you bring your two rolls of film? This amazing par 5 drops 200ft so let your ego and your drive fly! This one is measured in “airtime”. Your level or uneven lie will determine your second shot selection. Oh, yeah! Don’t forget to look back to the tee when you finish the hole.

Hole 14

All position! This drivable par 4, Pezula’s signature hole, will provide more lasting memories with a proper lay-up. Take two pictures with your friends for the album and a soft pitch for birdie – this one may be South Africa’s postcard to golf.

Hole 15

Short and sweet – from 105m to 143m, this, the last of the shorts, has plenty of character. The accuracy that come with a shorter club is needed here to have a good birdie chance – play for the pin.

Hole 16

The shortest little hard hole in golf. Forget distance here – play your tee shot to 100m out, then take two extra clubs for the flag. Trust us on this one or our golf ball sales will increase.

Hole 17

What everybody wants to see – a par 4 that can be reached from any tee! Just aim and fire! Your “bail-out” to the right will also leave a short pitch. Nice time to press the bet.

Hole 18

The perfect finish – big fairway – big green – big climb and big length! Take par and run – back to number 1 for yet another go at greatness! Oh! Take a bow and wave to the crowds.


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