Environmental Sustainability

Pezula Championship Course is designed to blend into the beautiful Garden Route Fynbos and we are determined to leave as small an environmental footprint as possible.

Whether it’s managing our resident troop of baboons or implementing a biofilter to make use of wastewater for course irrigation, Pezula understands that maintaining the local environment is essential to the longevity of our great club.


In order to maintain a world-class course like Pezula in South Africa’s semi-arid environment, a significant amount of water is needed for irrigation. This has both a financial and environmental impact and, as a result, many courses use effluent water for irrigation. Unfortunately, this grey water often contains problem chemicals which can have a detrimental effect on the course. In order to counter this, a Bio-filter was constructed to remove harmful components and supply a lasting source of clean water for irrigation.



Consisting of three ponds, the bio-filter moves the wastewater through three natural filters and produces vastly improved water quality that is held in a wildlife-safe dam, ready to be sent around the course for irrigation.


The most important element in the upkeep of any golf course is irrigation and Pezula Championship course has recently finished a major upgrade of the entire system. Through upgraded sprinkler heads, new piping and better time sequencing throughout, the new system reduces the course’s water and electricity use. Smarter use of our water resources means the course looks better than ever, while reducing our environmental impact.

Baboon Management

Pezula is part of an active biosphere and we have a troop of baboons that are frequent visitors to various holes. Our team of baboon monitors is always on hand to encourage them to move if they cause any trouble, but they make an amazing audience for your hole-in-one!


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